Students Work It!

After the last bell rings and the halls are cleared, students head many different directions. Some go to practice, others go home and a few go to work. Having an after school job is a way to earn money and make use of free time. Although job options for teenagers may not be as high-paying as some would like, they are still a way to make a bit of extra money.

Students at Paul VI have all sorts of jobs. Lane Grimes and Chris Marty both work on farms. Lane works at Ticonderoga Farm
in Loudon, and Marty works at Little Full Cry Farm in Clifton.

“I work on a farm because I hate the city,” said Marty. Both students said that they enjoy working on farms.

Chase Mauck works for his father’s company, JT Group Management, in Ashburn. “I like my job because I get paid $300 a week and only have to work nine hours,” said Mauck.

Matt Weyrich is a waiter at Friendly’s in Burke. “It is a good experience, and I am learning how to balance my time and manage my money,” said Weyrich.

Paul Wiles is a concrete worker, and he hates his job. “It very tedious and difficult, but I make good money. However, it is good to know that if I don’t go to college, I can take over the company,” he said.

Gillian Campbell works as a lifeguard and a swim instructor at Lifetime fitness and is also a host at Texas Roadhouse. “I hate being a swim instructor because the little kids are impossible,” she said. “They pull at my bathing suit and my hair. I have the worst job, but I make bank so I put up with it. My job at Texas Roadhouse is super easy and I get to talk to people all day. I also get good tips.”

Griffin Klages is a soccer referee. He likes his job and said, “The best part about my job is definitely getting paid. I get $30
per game.”

Many students have found ways to earn a bit of extra money. The jobs vary as well as the salaries. Some students enjoy their
jobs while others dislike them. One thing is certain: the best part about after school jobs is payday!

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