Flappy Bird

The newest phenomenon for your mobile phone, “Flappy Bird,” has been deleted from the iTunes App Store as of Feb. 9, 2013.  The free handheld game, created by Dong Nguyen, is a mini video game.  Nguyen is a minor celebrity in Vietnam, but is relatively unknown to the rest of the world. Nguyen has created other games, but none have reached the popularity of Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird has been described as “impossible, no fun, and life ruining” by people via Twitter. The game is played by rapidly hitting the touch screen while attempting to navigate through an obstacle course. The game is addicting, frustrating and straight up annoying. “It’s an easy way to waste two hours,” says Megan Toth.

On Feb. 8, Nguyen announced he was taking down the game from all websites, saying that the game “ruined my simple life” and that he hated it.

What caused him to suddenly remove a game that was making $50,000 a day just in advertising revenue? Some claim it was because of copyright infringement of another producer’s game. According to some sources, the Japanese gaming company Nintendo sent Nguyen a letter warning him of copyright laws. Although this letter has not been verified, Nguyen claims that pressure from attorneys was not a factor: “It is not anything related to legal issues. I just cannot keep it anymore.” For unknown reasons, Nguyen canceled a scheduled interview with The Associated Press.

The sudden popularity in the game makes the decision to delete the app even more perplexing. The money that Dong was making was almost 200 times the salary of an average Vietnamese worker.

What drove Nguyen to give up all that money? Could it have been legal proceedings or was it something else?  The fact is we don’t know. Nguyen has only tweeted a few times about his decision. Hopefully, an explanation will be given soon. As of now, Nguyen is the creator and destroyer of the legendary mobile game Flappy Bird.

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