Uniform Makeover?

By Vanessa Bliss
Staff Reporter

When the girls of Paul VI were asked: “If you could change one thing about the uniform, besides having shorter skirts, what would it be?” Here are some of their thoughts:

“I think that the uniform could be improved greatly. I feel as though wearing any shoe we wanted would really help people to be able to have the chance to express themselves. Also, I think that people should be able to dye their hair any color they want to. I think this also would allow for self-expression, to be able to show our originality and personality.” —Haley Bachinsky ‘17

unnamed“If I could change one [aspect of the] uniform, I would change the kilt color. I like the classic plaid pattern and would love to have it replace the plain, boring skirts we have now!” —Lainie Davison ‘17

“I would change the shirts—that we could have different options for when it gets really cold or too hot.” —Megan Hubbell ‘15

“I would change the sleeve length, because the uniform is really hot in the summer. I would make the fabric of the shirt thinner.” —Brianna Scott ‘16

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