The Results Are In: Fairfax Is Home

wertwertwqerqwer4q3rBy Emilie Razuri and Rachel Green
Staff Reporters

A poll conducted on the PVI Panther Press website over the past month asked the question, “Do you support the school move to Loudoun County?”

The results of the poll indicate most Panthers do not support the move. One hundred twenty seven people voted on the poll.  One hundred fifteen (91%) voted that they do not support the move, while twelve (9%) voted that they do support the move.

“Hopefully, it will be a blessing in disguise, ” said theology teacher Mr. Pete Jurich. “With the new school comes a bigger and better facility, but we will lose a lot of history and tradition when we leave this building.”

“I’m not a fan of the move,” said U.S. history teacher Mrs. Mary Lynn Bailey.  “There’s so much tradition in this building, and it is really an ideal location.”

Sophomore Patrick Casey also weighed in: “I’m glad I get to finish high school in this building because PVI belongs in Fairfax.”

“We couldn’t care less about the move because we’ll be long gone,” said Meghan Johansson  ’16 and Tori Smith ’15

After all the results have been tallied, it is safe to say the consensus believe current Panthers would like Paul VI Catholic High School to remain in Fairfax.

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