Look Awake Even If You Are Sleep Deprived

By Vanessa Bliss
Staff Reporter

Getting sleep is hard for any high school student, but it is especially difficult when you are staying up late studying for exams. Late night study sessions are definitely something we’ve all been doing quite a bit of, and because of this, I often feel more groggy in the morning than usual and wake up with dark circles under our eyes. Thanks to the power of makeup though, we can look refreshed, even though we may not feel like it!

Here are some tips on how to look like you got a full night’s sleep:

Photo by Vanessa Bliss

Photo by Vanessa Bliss

1. Moisturize

When you moisturize your skin, your complexion instantly looks dewy, fresh and more alive. My favorite moisturizer is La Mer, because it is thick, but not in a gross way; it doesn’t have a color so it works with any skin tone; and it doesn’t feel greasy, unlike many other moisturizers. The only downside is that it costs a couple hundred bucks for a full size jar. But some department store makeup counters have free samples that last quite a while!

Photo by Vanessa Bliss

Photo by Vanessa Bliss

2. Conceal

Dark circles are one of the most common things to happen to someone when they are sleep deprived, and they can really make someone look dead, almost like a zombie! To look human again, use an under eye concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin. To use it, just put some on your finger and dab it under your eyes in a triangle shape, as well as putting some around the inner corner. Blend it with your ring finger, as this is the softest finger. Also make sure to dab to blend rather than rub. My concealer recommendation is Bye Bye Under Eye by It Cosmetics.

Photo by Vanessa Bliss

Photo by Vanessa Bliss

3. Highlight

This is not the kind of highlighter made by Sharpie. Highlighter has a consistency almost like a cream eyeshadow, and its sole purpose is to illuminate and make someone look awake. Apply this on your temples, cheekbones, sides of your nose and inner corner of your eyes. My favorite highlighter is the one made by Doll no.10 in the shade Champagne.

Photo by Vanessa Bliss

Photo by Vanessa Bliss

4. Swipe

Mascara is such a classic product that has been used for years, and the reason why it is so great is that it makes the eyes instantly look bigger, and bigger eyes tend to look more awake. Use an eyelash curler prior to applying mascara as it helps the mascara do its job. I’m currently using Covergirl Full Lash Bloom mascara, and my eyelash curler is from Sephora.

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