Sophomores Create Coin Hockey League

By Maggie Cornejo
Staff Reporter

Coin Hockey League logo, courtesy of Dillon Costello

Coin Hockey League logo, courtesy of Dillon Costello

Starting with just the idea of a simple game, a group of Paul VI sophomore boys formed the Coin Hockey League. “At first there was never supposed to even be a league,” says Dillon Costello ‘17. “The game was just used as a tool for some of us to pass time after school. So when AJ Mejia sent me a text saying we were going to start a coin hockey league, I said, ‘Well, what are we waiting for?’ Much to our surprise it took off faster than we ever thought it would.”

Upon first hearing about it, many may think of the league as simply a joke and a way to pass time before and after school. However, this league is a serious sport.

“The best thing about the league is probably how competitive it actually is,” Costello says. “People outside of the league think it’s some joke but in reality we all take this very seriously and play every game like it’s our last and try to do whatever it takes to win.”

The league administrators (students) even created a spreadsheet to organize the logistics and standings, and a website allows fans to see the latest top 10 players.

To ensure sure the game does not pose a risk of being banned, it is never played during class. If you want to play, “you better practice because this is the real deal,” advises Costello. Check out the website or Twitter for more information: @CHLeague_ or

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