Sydney on Sydney’s Sweet Shoppe

By Sydney Baker
sydney on sydney
Staff Reporter

We, at Paul VI High School, have a number of dedicated athletes that make this school competitive; however, there are other more artistic talents that do not always get press attention. One of these is Sydney’s Sweet Shoppe, founded by our very own Sydney Mandrgoc ‘18. She’s a teen prodigy who knows what she wants to do and has the talent and dedication to fulfill her dream.

She started her baking business at age of 10, when she was in 4th grade, with her first big cake, an “Under the Sea” theme. When I saw the pictures of her first cake, I was surprised. I expected a child’s art project like cake. What I saw was a three-tiered cake, with different sea creatures, such as an octopus, fish, crab and, my favorite, a mommy turtle with her two baby turtles. “At the time my entire family helped me out,” said Mandrgoc, “but now it’s mostly me and sometimes my mom.”

Her start and inspiration is rooted in family as both her grandma and Aunt Patti bake cakes. Her grandma used to have a cake business and has since given Mandrgoc her cake decorating utensils.

Mandrgoc says her cake business has made her grow, in particular, her “sense of time management has greatly improved…at least I think so.” She also says she has become more artistic, with a little laugh.

Visit Mandrgoc’s website to look at her creations and place an order:

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