Pushing Back Against Bullying, One Compliment at a Time

By Vanessa Bliss
Staff Reporter

The world is full of negativity. This negativity can especially come into play in the high school world, where people bully and gossip about one another. This problem is apparent on social media sites, such as Twitter, where negative tweets are posted left and right.

But at least one Paul VI student is trying to change that with the Twitter account @ComplimentsPVI. This handle allows PVI Twitter users to direct message compliments about other PVI students to the account, and then the tweets are posted anonymously. Since it was created, @ComplimentsPVI has become quite popular; it currently boasts more than 390 followers and more than 400 compliments posted.

Panther Press was lucky enough to interview the creator of the account, who preferred to remain anonymous:

Why did you start this account?

PVI COMPLIMENTS: Lately, I’ve been on a mission to spread positivity and love in order to promote happiness. Teenagers need to stick together, and bashing each other doesn’t help anything. When an anonymous Twitter account attacking girls in the sophomore class was put up, I decided to make a Twitter doing the opposite.

(Profile image for the @ComplimentsPVI Twitter account)

(Profile image for the @ComplimentsPVI Twitter account)

What are some acts of kindness that you think teens don’t do enough of?

PVI COMPLIMENTS: I think that teenagers need to spread love more, in general. It’s so much easier to say something nasty than to say something nice to someone who you may not like. It’s especially difficult with the technology we have today. It’s easy to hide behind a keyboard. But it’s so important for the youth of today to spread love to one another, and it’s as simple as a compliment.

In your opinion, what is the best way to stop gossiping and bullying from happening?

PVI COMPLIMENTS: It’s not going to happen overnight, and there’s no way to get rid of the problem as a whole; we’re human. But by promoting a message of positivity and love and starting small, a change can be made.

What is your advice to those that are being bullied?

PVI COMPLIMENTS: Don’t be afraid to speak up. Tell someone. And as much as it’s said, it does get better. Don’t lose hope, and don’t stop loving yourself.

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