How to Ask the ‘Homecoming?’ Question

By Maria Grau
Staff Reporter

It’s that time of the year again! That’s right, in just a few more days the school will be decked out in preparation for our annual Spirit Week. But before you get caught up in the festivities, make sure you have a date to the main event. Have you had your eye on someone special lately? Or do you have a friend you think it would be fun to go with? Now is the time to make a move! Now is not the time to be shy! Get out there and get a date for homecoming!

Raising Expectations (Credit: Katie Tripp)

Maybe you’re stuck and don’t know how to ask. Here are some stories of proposals from past years to inspire you. When you’re done reading, take our poll to tally your vote for the homecoming proposal you liked best.

Raising Expectations

Kevin O’Callaghan ‘16 showed his patriotic side last year when he asked his girlfriend Katie Tripp ‘16 to homecoming. The senior painted “Katie, HC?” on a homemade flag and hoisted it up the school’s flagpole. She, of course, said “yes,” and the couple went on to be voted King and Queen at last year’s junior prom.

Very Punny (Credit: Lauren Faloni)

Very Punny
(Credit: Lauren Faloni)

Get Punny

Garrett Vercoe ‘16 got creative when he asked Lauren Faloni ‘16 to homecoming in 2013. While the two were mini-golfing, he presented Lauren with a homemade puzzle, which, once assembled, read “Will you be the ‘one’ to go to homecoming with me?” Then he gave her a one dollar bill folded into a ring to show the world she is the “one.”

Beary Cute (Credit: John Tarbell)

Beary Cute
(Credit: John Tarbell)

Beary Cute

Don’t be afraid to just walk up and ask like John Tarbell ‘18 did when he asked Dania Najjar ‘18 to homecoming just last week. He got cute and creative by making bears the theme of his proposal. John made a sign that said “Hoco would b unBEARable w/o u,” covered it in gummy bears, and presented Dania with a teddy bear. Advice for guys: you can’t go wrong with stuffed animals.

"Up" to the Challenge (Credit: Catherine Kuzma)

“Up” to the Challenge
(Credit: Catherine Kuzma)

“Up” to the Challenge

Guys don’t have to be the only ones doing the asking! Catherine Kuzma ‘16 decided to take the initiative and ask her college boyfriend. The couple had recently watched his favorite movie together, Pixar’s “Up,” so she decided to use that as a theme. Catherine made the trip to his dorm with a bunch of balloons pinned down in her trunk, scheming with his roommate to make sure she surprised him. To ask him, she gave him the balloons and a sign that said “Would you be Up to going to [picture of a home] -coming with me?”

Modest is Hottest

Modest is Hottest (Credit: Rachel Wilmans)

Modest is Hottest
(Credit: Rachel Wilmans)

Last year, Rachel Wilmans ‘16 walked into her advisory to find something surprising: her first detention. “I was so confused… I didn’t remember doing anything wrong. And then I read it,” she said. Matt Kocis ‘15 had teamed up with Mr. Andrewes and Mr. O’Brien to write a fake detention slip and next to it was a note from Matt that said “Homecoming?” As she read the fake detention slip, Matt walked in with a bouquet of flowers to ask her in person.

Go for the Goal-ed (Credit: Bridget Fitzsimon)

Go for the Goal-ed
(Credit: Bridget Fitzsimon)

Go for the Goal-ed

When all else fails, use what you have in common. For example, when Chase Hutson ‘18 asked Bridget Fitzsimon ‘18 to homecoming last week, he utilized their shared love of soccer. To go along with his soccer theme, he gave her a sign that said, “Bridget, can I score a date to homecoming with you?”




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