The 2015 PSAT: High Schoolers’ Favorite Meme

By Maria Grau
Staff Reporter

October. The month of Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes, and everybody’s favorite: the PSAT. For some students, the PSAT is notorious for it’s unrealistic and nonsensical passages, which soon become some of the biggest inside jokes shared among the nation’s 10th and 11th graders.

Seniors may remember the 2013 PSAT and the passage explaining how many children have never seen a cow.

When the pencils went down, whispers could be heard throughout the room.“Who has never seen a cow?” or “Do they live under a rock?”. As memes on Twitter and tumblr will testify, it was much of the same following the recent Oct. 14 PSAT. This, despite a strict honor code signed by students, forbidding the discussion—online or otherwise—of PSAT test questions.

Below are some of Panther Press’s six favorite internet memes from the 2015 PSAT.

6. Dino Demotion


5. A fishy situation


4. Frederick Douglass v. Independence Day

3. The wolf that won’t look you in the eye


2. Thad and his cookies and water



1. Herminia and her “Seditious poems”



Bonus: The Ultimate Compilation of the best 2015 PSAT jokes


So keep up the good work! (Just make sure not to get caught by the College Board police…)


Featured image used with permission through Creative Commons license.

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