Psyched for Study Hall No Longer

By Jackie DiBartolomeo
Staff Reporter

When most people think about study hall, they think about catching up with their friends, getting work done, and studying for tests.  However, at PVI this year, study hall has taken a completely different turn.  According to some PVI students, since the beginning of this school year, study hall has been significantly more strict, and often less productive.

Students are no longer able to go to the library to study, which was an advantage of study hall for years at PVI.  Another important issue lies in the fact that there is no available printer in the cafeteria, which has always benefited so many people during study hall.  In addition, students are no longer allowed to stop by the library to print documents.

study hall newspaper picture

Lizzie Thibodeau ’19, working at study hall. (Jackie DiBartolomeo/Panther Press)

Mr. Tyler Fabian is a new study hall proctor at PVI. When asked what he thought about the new policies, Mr. Fabian said he feels there should be an appropriate time for students to work together on projects or study for tests, but that students continuing to talk when they are not supposed to is a frustration as well.

“I was not present at last year’s study hall,” said Mr. Fabian. “What I have heard was that study hall was more relaxed than this year’s study hall.”

Olivia Mock ’19 believes the stricter study hall protocol is affecting her productivity in a negative way.

“I get one homework assignment done if I’m lucky,” she said. “I hate when I can’t work on group projects with my classmates because we’re not allowed to talk.”

Several students who other students expressed feeling that the changes were “inconvenient” and “all in all, very disappointing,” but preferred not to be named in this article.

With overwhelming dissatisfaction among students who voiced their opinion on the study hall changes, many are wondering whether any of the former privileges of study hall will soon be reinstated. 

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