Q&A: PVI Freshman Reflects on Girls Varsity Soccer Season

By Jackie DiBartolomeo
Staff Reporter

Along with basketball and football, soccer is one of the biggest sports at PVI.  The girls varsity soccer team did well throughout their season. Although the team did not come out on top in the playoffs, the team finished the fall season with four wins, three losses, and three ties.

Recently, starting goalie Gretchen Bennett ‘19, was interviewed about her experience as a first-year player on the team this past season, and what the team looks forward to improving next year.

Bennett recalled meeting many new friends at the tryouts, and even though some didn’t end up making the team, she said that she remains close with all of them. The fact that the team remained close-knit was one of the reasons the team was able to experience success on the field, she said. With all the talk of the team, Bennett could not forget to discuss the game. Even though she loves being the goalie, she admitted that sometimes she wants to play some different positions.

Despite the disappointment that came with losing their first playoff game, Bennett said she thinks the experience will help the team be even more prepared for a successful season next year.

“We didn’t make it as far as we had hoped, but the whole team, including me, definitely got even more experience in playing the game,” said Bennett.”I really think that next season, hopefully also with the involvement of some new players on the field, we’ll take our team even higher than before.”

See more from our Panther Press interview with Bennett below.

What is your part of playing soccer at PVI?

Gretchen Bennett '19, goalie for the PVI girls varsity soccer team. (Jackie DiBartolomeo/ Panther Press)

Gretchen Bennett ’19, goalie for the PVI girls varsity soccer team. (Jackie DiBartolomeo/ Panther Press)

My favorite thing is probably being able to meet new people and make friends before school starts.

How were the tryouts for the team?  Were they difficult, or were you fairly confident?

I was definitely confident, because I already felt welcome to the team. I can’t wait for next season, and the opportunity to meet more girls trying out for the team.

Do you feel like your soccer team is a family?

Definitely!  We all love joking around and having fun at practice, even when we’re working really hard.

Which position would you like to play if you did not play goalie?

Forward!  Mostly because I really want to score a goal.

What are you looking forward to the most next year?

So many things. It’ll be great just to be on the field with these girls again.  But I’m also looking forward to new PVI students to make additions to the team.  It’s always fun to see new faces on your team, because with each new face, a new talent is brought to the table.  I can’t wait to see what we’re going to do out there next. I hope for good things.

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