PVI Student Earns Perfect Score on AP Exam

By Maggie Cornejo
Junior Editor

PVI’s Landon Labuskes ‘17 has accomplished a feat shared by only twelve students in the world: a perfect score on the AP Calculus AB exam. Although an impressive accomplishment for anyone, Landon was a fourteen-year-old sophomore when he took the exam and received the perfect score.  

According to College Board, the exam covers “students’ understanding of the concepts of calculus, their ability to apply these concepts, and their ability to make connections among graphical, numerical, analytical, and verbal representations of mathematics.”

Photo courtesy of PVI Yearbook (Eileen Curren/Panther Press)

Photo courtesy of PVI Yearbook (Eileen Curren/Panther Press)

“I’ve always been really good at math,” said Labuskes, a claim corroborated by his math teacher, Mrs. Ann Watkins.

“He has even found errors on worksheets that have never been discovered,” said Watkins. “Other students have never found these errors before.”

His love for mathematics has fostered a dream in an interesting career field: aerospace engineering. In this career, Labuskes said he would have the opportunity able to apply his mathematical skills to science, another subject he excels in.

When asked about his preparation for the exam, Labuskes said it wasn’t as much study as frequent practice that paid off.

I don’t usually study but for something like math, practice is usually the best way to get better.”

Mrs. Watkins said a lot of Landon’s success can be attributed to innate abilities as well.

“He knows it. He doesn’t really need to do much in the way of homework. There are very few people in the world that get math and he gets it. He truly has the math gene.”

Since receiving his perfect score, Labuskes has been placed in the public eye. Several newspapers and television organizations, including the Washington Post and CBS have called attention to the rare achievement. 

“It is a little overwhelming,” he admits. “I did not expect it all.”

Expected or not, the future certainly looks bright for Labuskes.

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