‘Pulseras’ for a Cause

By Rachel Wilmans
Senior Editor

This week, April 18-22, the PVI Spanish Honor Society is selling pulseras (Spanish for “bracelets”) for five dollars in the cafeteria during lunch. The proceeds from these colorful, handcrafted bracelets go to the Pulsera Project, a nonprofit that provides support to a variety of charitable organizations.

Jennifer Preston ‘16, president of the Spanish Honor Society, has been an integral part of bringing this cause to PVI.

Over the summer, I met a girl from Ohio who was wearing one of these pulseras. I asked her about it, and she told me about how the Spanish Honor Society at her high school had held a pulsera sale via this organization.”

Pulseras, like the one shown above, are being sold in the PVI cafeteria during lunches throughout the week of April 18-22 (Maria Grau/Panther Press)

Pulseras, like the one shown above, are being sold in the PVI cafeteria during lunches throughout the week (Maria Grau/Panther Press)

Under Preston’s leadership, the Spanish Honor Society has organized a sale of their own, taking a more active role in not only the school community but the world as well. The bracelets are mainly made by artists in Nicaragua but also come from Guatemala and Uganda, and the experience of buying one is very personal.

Perhaps my favorite part of The Pulsera Project is that every pulsera comes with a tag that has the actual signature of the artist who made it, which really does give you that feeling of connection,” Preston said.

The proceeds from the bracelet sale go to a variety of worthy causes. Much of the money goes to the artists themselves in the form of scholarships or funding to purchase land or materials to improve their homes. For these people, making pulseras provides an alternative for employment outside of the farms or “Zonas Francas,” which are like sweatshops.

According to the Pulsera Project website, “every pulsera purchase allows almost 100 artists to continue working.”

Additionally, the Project gives the profits from the bracelet sales to other charitable organizations, such as La Esperanza Granada, dedicated to education for children; and The Solar Women of Totogalpa, an organization that brings sustainable energy to communities, among others.

To learn more about the Pulsera Project, visit their website (http://www.pulseraproject.org/) or stop by the cafeteria during lunch this week to purchase a bracelet.  

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