Q&A: PVI Freshman Reflects on Girls Varsity Soccer Season

Along with basketball and football, soccer is one of the biggest sports at PVI. The girls varsity soccer team did well throughout their season. Although the team did not come out on top in the playoffs, the team finished the fall season with four wins, three losses, and three ties.

Recently, starting goalie Gretchen Bennett ‘19, was interviewed about her experience as a first-year player on the team this past season, and what the team looks forward to improving next year.

Psyched for Study Hall No Longer

When most people think about study hall, they think about catching up with their friends, getting work done, and studying for tests. However, at PVI this year, study hall has taken a completely different turn. According to some PVI students, since the beginning of this school year, study hall has been significantly more strict, and often less productive.