For PVI Seniors, ‘Decision Day’ Nears

May 1st, the infamous final deadline for college decisions, is quickly approaching. For some seniors, this comes as immense relief. After months and months of applications, writing essays, alumni interviews, and campus tours, the wait will be over and their futures will be decided for the next few years. For those who have not yet made their decision, or are struggling to decide between two top contenders, these next few days will be stressful and frustrating. And as for the lucky few who applied early decision and heard back in December, they will get to sit back and watch their friends suffer in relative sympathy.

ACH: PVI Seniors Find Time to Pursue their Passions

The second semester of senior year can be a taxing time for students. At Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax, many seniors are deeply involved in afterschool activities, whether they play a varsity sport, act in a PVI Players’ production or flaunt their school spirit in the “VI Man” student section. What their peers may not know is that many seniors also devote themselves to extracurricular passions outside of school while still keeping up with difficult course loads.

Who Even is Sadie Hawkins?

So by now you may have heard that PVI is hosting its first ever Sadie Hawkins dance. A Sadie Hawkins dance, for those of you who do not know, is a dance where the girls have to ask the guys. Finally, all the girls will know the agony our boys go through every Prom and Homecoming season by having to come up with a creative and cute way to ask someone.

The 2015 PSAT: High Schoolers’ Favorite Meme

October. The month of Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes, and everybody’s favorite: the PSAT. For some students, the PSAT is notorious for it’s unrealistic and nonsensical passages, which soon become some of the biggest inside jokes shared among the nation’s 10th and 11th graders. Below are some of Panther Press’s six favorite internet memes from the 2015 PSAT.