Poptropica: Total Botch or Total Success

When talking about all time classic games, some that first pop into mind include “The Legend of Zelda,” the original “Mario” and “Pac-Man.” One game often left off these lists is a 2010-2011 era game titled, “Poptropica.” This game is the apex of the free online computer game industry and exemplifies everything good and bad about the industry. Never has there been a game with a multitude of stories full of intrigue, mystery, puzzles and good fun. While there are some bugs and problems, “Poptropica” remains one of the greatest games to date.

Venture Back into the Wasteland: A Preview of Fallout 4

Created nearby in Rockville, Maryland, “Fallout” is a game series that takes place in the late 21st century after the nuclear apocalypse. The latest installment, “Fallout 4,” is, in my opinion, the greatest of the games I have played. I own “Fallout: New Vegas” and “Fallout 3” and I think that the fourth installment is the best.

Jake Gyllenhaal delivers in ‘Nightcrawler’

Matt Brown recently saw Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie ‘Nightcrawler’ and “was blown away”. The film is about unemployed Lou Bloom (Gyllenhaal) who starts his own freelance video news company and does whatever he can to get the shot, even if it means committing a crime.

Whiplash Is a Must!

‘Whiplash’ is about aspiring jazz drummer Andrew (Miles Teller), who attends Shaffer, the top music school in the country. While attending Shaffer, Andrew gets recruited into a jazz band run by Terrence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons). Fletcher is known as the best teacher at Shaffer, and Andrew is honored to be in his band.