Study Tips for a Successful Semester

You know the drill, especially if you’re in a bunch of honors or AP classes. You get out of school, go to after school activities or practice for a few hours, get home, eat dinner, procrastinate, and finally start your four or more hours of homework really late. I do know a few people who regularly finish their work before nine every night and I don’t understand how they do it, but I have been finding some useful ways to become more efficient while studying. Try a few of these tips on your own. You may find them useful!

10th Graders Serve God, Fellow Man at Nazareth Farm

When fifteen sophomore students and four adults at Paul VI boarded buses to travel to Nazareth Farm, West Virginia for a mission trip Sept. 18, they had no idea what kind of a weekend they were in for. Hard work, fun, deepening friendships, and prayer led to many unforgettable memories.

Choral Winter Concert

Paul VI students and parents were treated to a special performance on February 27, when our Concert and Chamber Choirs and the OLGC youth choir gave a joint concert in the auditorium. It was a night filled with great choral music as well as some amazing soloists! 17 students from Our Lady of Good Counsel…

Top 10 Gadgets for Christmas

The Christmas season is finally here, and with it comes the holiday shopping sprees! Christmastime is the biggest technology buying time of the year, but the market can become very confusing at times. Here, I review the top 10 tech products of the season, to help you decide on which products to buy. 10. Nokia…